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When you need a hand with your Equinox system you can call our devoted Client Services team for support.

They’re the friendly Equinox experts you can rely on for everything from questions on pre-sets to uploading new data. So you know who is helping you on the other end of the phone, we want to introduce the team to you.

Equinox Claire and Callie

Equinox experts

Client Services is the friendly face of Equinox’s support. When you get in touch with a query, they’re the lovely folks that get things sorted and answer your questions.

The team helps iron out any problems you might have while using Equinox IPMS, but also offer guidance on the system and get you set up on any additional features you might want to add.

We’re responsible for all inbound queries from clients. Whether it’s a question about the IP Portal, helping with a problem, or anything else, our subscribers can come to us and be confident that we’ll get them a solution.

—Claire Yates, Client Services Manager


Claire Yates - Equinox


Every member of the team goes through extensive training on the Equinox system. They know the software inside out and can get to the bottom of any queries with super speed. With their intimate knowledge of Equinox IPMS, they can also identify features or services we offer that can help subscribers handle tasks more efficiently.

We work very closely with clients. When a query comes in, one of the first things we do is go back and ask questions. Once we have a full understanding of the subscriber’s needs, we organise our resources and deliver a solution.

­—Elliot Lech, Product Support Technician


Elliott Leach - Equinox

How Client Services fits into Equinox

When you first start with Equinox IPMS, you are supported by our Onboarding team who help you configure your system, get your data uploaded, and train you on the many functions and tools available to you.

Once you get established, your support needs are handed over to Client Services. The team acts as the first contact for all of Equinox’s established subscribers whether they have one user, 10, or 50.

My top priority when handling a support query is to make sure that clients get a speedy, meaningful response. We work as a team to find the best possible solution for a client as soon as possible.

—Alannah Marchewka, Product Support Technician


Alannah Marchewka - Equinox


Client Services works closely with a range of specialists to help subscribers with their questions. If you want to upload a large amount of new data or need help accessing information, they will work with Data Services. If you’re exploring our pre-sets catalogue and would like a custom version created for your system, they work with our IP Services team to get it sorted.

The friendly faces of Equinox

The team is very highly valued at Equinox. We get plenty of positive feedback about how they’re able to support our subscribers, and their intimate knowledge of the system is an unparalleled resource for our whole team.

I like working at Equinox because our team is so unique— we get to work with every part of the business. If we can’t answer a question, we’re able to work with other teams at Equinox to find a solution. Everyone here is happy to jump on a call and help us find the best answer for a client.

—Carl McCallin, Product Support Technician


Carl McCallin - Equinox


I love being able to bring my dog Teddy into the office. People love seeing him and he’s a lovely, positive presence to have around. He gets plenty of attention from the team!

—Claire Yates, Client Services Manager


Teddy the dog - Equinox


Reliable support when you need it

Every Equinox subscriber has access to our Client Services team. Switch to an IP management system with support you can depend on.

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