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Equinox subscribers save time
Logging in to Equinox IPMS
Switching to Equinox IPMS
Equinox IPMS is a secure and reliable IP management system
The Equinox team continually improves and updates the software
Effortlessly meet deadlines
Our intellectual property management software optimises your processes for efficient case management. Utilising advanced automation, it's specifically built to ensure you meet your deadlines.
Log in to one system for everything
Equinox IPMS is built with your whole team in mind. You can all log in to the same system to do your job.
Switching is smooth & efficient
Whether you're transitioning from a paper-based system, spreadsheets or another IP management tool, our friendly and experienced teams are on hand to guide you through the process.
Software that's secure & reliable
Choose software you can rely on with 99.9%+ uptime and rigorously tested security. You can always access your system and your portfolio data is kept safe.
Future-proof your team
You're always on the latest version of Equinox. We continually improve our platform and push improvements out to you so you get to benefit from them straight away.

Discover how Equinox IPMS makes life easier for IP professionals

Manage your cases & documents
Automate processes
Communicate with your clients
Get paid accurately
Run reports
Equinox IPMS is a case and document management tool for IP professionals

Manage your cases & documents


Upload, edit, log, add comments, track and share files quickly and securely.

Case management

- Personalise your system including wording, user permissions, case code format, case layout and case categories.

- View your full history of transaction logs.

- Create families to speed up case creation.

- Batch manage and update your cases.

- Leave internal comments for your team.

- Access over 50 online registers from within Equinox IPMS.

Document management

- Use our Microsoft Office plugin to upload and save your documents.

- Securely share documents with your clients in their Client Portal.

- Assign important documents to members of your team.

- Categorise your documents to optimise searching.

- Easily bulk download case documents for offline use.

Equinox IPMS automates your admin processes for you

Automate processes


Stay on track with auto-generated deadlines and advanced administrative workflows.

Auto-generate tasks & deadlines

- Map out and configure pre-set task lists in line with your team's processes, case types, categories and locations.

- Add case dates (e.g. filing) that trigger pre-set tasks with auto-generated deadlines.

- Auto-add office action deadlines to your cases using custom dates.

- Receive task reminders and notifications to help you keep on top of deadlines.


Powerful event-driven automation means as you complete tasks, you automatically trigger administrative actions. For example:

- When a task is completed, a charge is added to a case.

- Your team is prompted to add dates or information to a case on the completion of certain tasks.

- If a task becomes overdue, specific members of your team are notified of actions they need to take.

- Client correspondence is generated on completion of a task.

- Once the original task is complete, follow-up tasks are created.

- The status of a case is updated automatically when a task is marked as complete.

Having a meeting

Communicate with your clients


Create templates, send auto-emails and letters, plus securely share data and documents with your clients.

Create correspondence templates

- Set up your email and letter templates in Equinox IPMS. Use your team's existing templates, or create entirely new ones.

- Use merge codes to easily pull information from your system into the templates.

- Assign templates to certain case categories and locations.

- Link your templates with tasks to optimise correspondence processes.

Send emails & letters

- Your templates are auto-populated with key information including client and case details.

- Generate templates as emails and attachments or download as word files and PDFs.

- Easily preview and send in a couple of clicks.

- When linked, your correspondence tasks are automatically marked as done.

Share documents & data with clients

- Use your Client Portal to share information about their portfolio.

- Customise your clients' permissions.

- Use tools including the world map view to present information to your clients.

- Enable your clients to generate their own custom reports from within the Client Portal.

- Make it easy for your clients to communicate with your attorneys.

Equinox IPMS has a helpful finance system built in

Get paid accurately


Auto-add disbursements, service fees and professional time, plus generate single or combined invoices.

Add fees

- Set up and allocate budgets to your cases.

- Record and log billable/non-billable time spent working on a case using the system timer and timesheets.

- Add disbursements to your cases.

- Add any fixed service fees your clients have incurred.

- Assign fee discounts to particular clients and cases.

Create invoices & track payments

- Create invoice templates.

- Generate single or combined invoices.

- Update the status of your invoices, for example marking them as paid.

- Apply manual or pre-configured discounts during invoice generation.

- Export invoices to accounting software including Xero and Sage.

- Run analysis, fee and quote reports.

Equinox IPMS has powerful reporting capabilities

Run reports


Analyse, track and share progress using report templates or create custom reports that meet your clients' requirements.

Report templates

Use built-in reports to help your team manage their caseload. Popular reports include:

- Case and task reports.

- Family reports.

- Audit reports.

- Data checking reports.

- Finance reports.

Custom reports

Build and run reports that match your team or clients' unique requirements. You can save these reports as favourites for quick access.

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