Can your IPMS help build strong client relationships?

By Claire Yates

Cultivating strong client relationships is incredibly important in the intellectual property profession. A robust working relationship builds confidence in your services and makes it easier to work collaboratively with clients.

Ultimately, good client relationships will help you retain clients, build a reputation, and grow your portfolio.

We know from working closely with our subscribers that simple, dependable communication tools can make a big difference in maintaining business relationships. Equinox is packed with features to help you keep your clients up-to-date with your projects and confident in your progress.

The Client Portal

Clients need regular updates on the progress of their portfolios. When you’re focused on the IP management process with deadlines looming, it can be a challenge to devote time to delivering updates.

Providing independent client access to the status of your projects allows around-the-clock visibility of your progress. This can take the pressure off your own team, and where you’re working with clients across time zones can make communicating updates more convenient for all parties.

The Equinox Client Portal allows your client to check in on progress independently at any time so you can stay on the same page.

Equinox Client Portal

Regular meetings, calls, and emails will remain the backbone of developing client relationships. Your clients trust your services and want to hear from you directly. So, the Client Portal isn’t going to replace that, but rather support and bolster your wider correspondence process.

Equinox subscribers have praised the Client Portal for its capabilities.

The ability to provide our clients with access to their portfolios through Equinox also means that we are not spending time generating reports and providing clients with updates as they can review their portfolio themselves

—Tahleigh Gibbs, Trade marks attorney at Redchip


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Automated client communications

Writing, sending, storing, and organising emails takes up a great deal of administration time. Even with some simple templates, your resources can be eaten away by correspondence needs. Communication cannot be a compromise, and clients expect you to deliver regular updates and respond promptly to their messages.

Equinox sending emails and letters

To make this process quicker, Equinox includes integrated and automated correspondence tools. You can set up a variety of email templates and link them to your tasks. When you complete a task, the relevant email template will be generated and allow you to fill in the final details and send it off.

Integrations with existing comms tools

Additionally, your IPMS should integrate with your existing tools, like Outlook and Gmail. Equinox integrates with both! This allows you to generate template emails as drafts on those platforms, or even create and send emails directly from Equinox. Whatever is better for you!

Equinox correspondence templates

Your whole team from paralegals up to partners can save time by more easily managing every communication related to a case. When an email is sent relating to a case, Equinox automatically stores and organises it within the case’s documents.

The combination of our templates, automatic email generation, and integrated email services greatly reduce the administrative burden of correspondence.

Running reports

Finally, to earn, maintain, and retain strong client relationships, updating clients with the progress of your portfolio management projects is one of the industry’s cornerstones.

Regular progress updates are vital not only for updating clients, but also as an important management process to update leadership and ensure your team is reaching its full potential.

Equinox IPMS has powerful reporting capabilities

Your clients, your team, your leadership, and yourself all need reports. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to access and extract the information you need. The Equinox system is built with this in mind; you can customise every team member’s dashboard so they have easy access to the information they need to see, and extracting data is simple with our reports tool.

IP tech can help nurture client relationships

Whether you have ten or a thousand clients, choosing an intellectual property management system with the right built-in tools is vital. How does giving your clients visibility, utilising powerful automation and integrating with your wider product suite help? Put simply, it creates a seamless experience for your clients, giving them confidence in your services and, ultimately, making it easier for you to nurture strong working relationships.

Equinox team supporting subscriber

We know you take pride in looking after your clients, and our team can show you how Equinox can help you do just that. 

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