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Redchip Lawyers case study

Queensland-based Redchip is a law firm offering a range of legal services including commercial, property, private, and litigation. The intellectual property team supports clients throughout the IP lifecycle to help protect their competitive advantage, revenue, and their intellectual originality.
In this case study, Redchip explores the ways Equinox helps its team thrive.


Equinox case study: document management

“The use of Equinox has reduced time spent on menial administrative tasks. Updating matters, preparing reports and monitoring deadlines is easy with Equinox”

When you work in a large, multi-disciplinary firm like Redchip, your team can have a wide range of responsibilities. It can be hard to share and manage responsibility for tasks when there are so many people with different priorities, but that’s where Equinox comes in.

Each user has their own tasks listed, helping everyone clearly understand what they are responsible for. Plus, you can customise your dashboard to show the specific reports and data you need to keep close tabs on. Partners, attorneys, finance teams, and legal assistants all have specific functionality built into the system to meet their needs.

Equinox case study: Run reports

“The ability to provide our clients with access to their portfolios through Equinox also means that we are not spending time generating reports and providing clients with updates as they can review their portfolio themselves”

Strong communication with clients is a cornerstone of any profession, and offering full transparency instils confidence in your services and expertise. Larger firms like Redchip with lots of clients can find it difficult to manage the large volume of communications, particularly with requests for updates and reports on the status of a case or property.

Offering independent client access to reports via the Client Portal, your clients can access reports and information about their portfolio quickly and securely. Your clients can track  progress whenever they need, without having to get in touch or set up a meeting, offering them piece of mind.

While the traditional methods of meetings and calls will always have an important role in the attorney-client relationship, giving clients the option to visualise progress can reduce the need for meetings and can save both parties time.

Equinox case study: Correspondence

“The  Equinox integration with Outlook and Word enables emails and other precedents to be generated with ease. When creating precedents to be generated out of Equinox, we utilise the Equinox merge code list to pre-fill a lot of the information taken from matters which significantly reduces time taken to prepare emails and letters”

When coordinating with people and organisations across time zones, you can start your day with a huge volume of messages that need urgent attention. If they aren’t organised quickly, this can become even harder.

Equinox seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Gmail, automatically organising client correspondence into the relevant case so you can quickly keep records,  manage your priorities and get back in touch with the information they need.

The ability to change processes is easy and user-friendly. Also, the pre-set processes available through the Equinox IP Law Portal are a great base to build on

Equinox manages your tasks using pre-set processes, sometimes known as law files. They trigger reminders and automation for tasks related to the management of intellectual property. When it’s time to make a payment, organise a renewal, or send correspondence, it will appear in your task list ahead of time.

With a multi-disciplinary team, you need a system that can not only meet everyone’s needs but enhance their capabilities. Whether you’re working on patents or trade marks, Equinox has specialist features built in to meet your needs. With trade marks, for example, we’ve developed a national rights tool and international registration functionality. Your whole team can use the same system with each user operating with specialist tools.

Equinox case study: Client access

“The law notification updates provide visibility of IP Office changes occurring globally in relation to trade marks, patents and designs”

You already have enough on your plate as a legal professional, and spending time tracking the many official offices and legislative developments in the IP world takes up resources that could be better used.

Our devoted IP Services team scours communications from official offices and select media outlets to bring our subscribers the latest legislative updates from a wide range of jurisdictions. If you sign up to the IP Services newsletter, you can just make any updates to the processes you use.

Better yet, our system management services can automatically update your processes to save you even more time, allowing you to focus your full attention on your services.

Equinox case study: Data migration

“The Equinox support team are great. We usually email the support team and receive a response shortly after. The support team are always happy to help and provide easy to understand solutions”

It’s better to keep things simple.

We know that our subscribers have plenty to think about, with lots of clients, deadlines, and tasks to juggle. So we always communicate in the simplest way possible. The Equinox IPMS interface is purposefully easy to understand, and our seasoned Equinox support team can patiently explain anything you need help with.


Equinox case study: Redchip

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