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The Equinox team encompasses a wide variety of skills and professions.

We use complex processes and a diverse skill set to take Equinox IPMS from a line of code to an intuitive, accessible, and handy system that helps our subscribers thrive. 

There’s plenty of hard work needed behind the scenes to keep Equinox IPMS running, up to date, and ready for any changes, and our team constantly pursues new ways to make the system even better.

We asked some of our team members to tell us about the stand out projects they enjoyed working on, why it was a success, and what they learned from taking part.

Finding a new approach for a document migration

Our Data Services team handles the transfer, storage, and management of subscriber data. When your firm subscribes to Equinox, we take a bespoke approach to determine your data management needs and build a plan to meet every requirement.

I recently worked on a document migration that really stood out for me.

Our subscriber asked us to extract sender and recipient information from Outlook emails, which is something we don’t often handle. It’s always interesting to try something that doesn’t come up regularly.

We collaborated with members of the Development team to determine the best approach to the task. We made a plan for the project and researched our options extensively to determine the best way to meet the subscriber’s needs.

This  was certainly one of my stand out projects as it was a great opportunity to practice some new skills. We decided to use PHP packages to achieve our targets, which took some trial and error. We managed the project really well as a team and got our subscriber the result they needed.

What’s most important is that the subscriber was happy!

—Felix Tam, Migration Engineer


Developing an integration

The Development Team really makes things happen in Equinox IPMS. They handle the creation, maintenance, and updates of the system and provide all the helpful features you use every day. Our developers handle the back end of Equinox IPMS with care so you can use a seamless, accessible system to manage your cases.

One of the stand out projects that I worked on recently required us to integrate Equinox with a third-party tool called Billtrader. The platform helps our mutual subscribers manage international payment processes with less hassle, and by integrating the service into Equinox IPMS we can make it easier for our subscribers to deliver on their processes in a single location.

It was fantastic to work with another well organised and professional team, which in turn made the project run incredibly smoothly despite the teams operating from different time zones. Additionally, it was great to work on something with very clear practical uses for clients of all sizes that use Equinox.

The ease of communication was a big triumph in this project. That gave us a great foundation for understanding what was needed of each team which made it easy to make all the necessary developments for the success of the project.

Working on this project gave me additional valuable experience integrating Equinox with third party providers. Third party API’s can vary greatly so it’s always good have an opportunity to work with a new one and see how another team approaches the same solution. This project also allowed us to add some new features to our own API that will be beneficial to our clients that use it directly, as well as any future integrations that we might want to make.

—Tom Wilford, Software Development Manager


A smooth, hassle-free onboarding of a new client

The Onboarding Team demonstrates how Equinox IPMS works to potential subscribers and supports them through the onboarding process when they’re ready to get started. They know Equinox IPMS like the back of their hand, but they work just as hard to understand our subscribers’ needs and requirements.

We have recently been onboarding a new subscriber organisation in Canada, and I’ve really enjoyed the process.

Every new subscriber is different, and we have taken the time to understand more about Canadian intellectual property law specifically. I’ve completed the CIPA course, so I’m quite well versed in UK and European patent law, and while there are similarities with Canadian IP we have tailored this onboarding process to the specific legal requirements of our new subscribers across the pond.

We’re really excited to grow internationally, and it’s particularly motivating to see Equinox offer Canada a great IPMS. The Equinox team is growing its expertise in Canadian IP law, and we’ve had some great feedback on how well we can tailor Equinox IPMS for attorneys in Canada.

This has been an ideal opportunity for us to demonstrate our knowledge of Canadian IPMS needs and I’ve enjoyed learning about the country’s legal processes. This onboarding project has also reinforced the value of our configuration options as we have been able to cater to the precise needs of the subscriber.

—Cally Anne Sharman, Product Specialist


Passionate in our work

These stand out projects, handpicked by our team, are a great illustration of how we work at Equinox.

We are collaborative, working between our teams to deliver the best result for our subscribers’ needs. We are thorough; taking the time to extensively research the best way to approach a new task and taking care to ensure it runs smoothly, plus expanding our knowledge of intellectual property law to help us better configure the system to meet your needs. Just as importantly, we are motivated by our work! When a new challenge comes up it’s exciting to get stuck in and think differently about our approach.

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