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To make life easier for IP professionals

You deserve the very best IP tech, and we love developing it. During every sprint planning session, we ask: is this making the system easier to use? And will it do more for our clients? As a human in a busy profession, your time should be spent on things only humans can do, like building lasting client relationships — not trudging through repetitive admin tasks. We use a tech-first approach to help you focus on the important stuff.


Talking of being human... We may be techie types, but we're also fans of an old-school chat. Our help desk is a bot-free zone. When you reach out to us, we listen to your situation and provide straightforward support. We understand that things go wrong sometimes. We don’t shy away from this, we embrace it. It’s a natural part of software development — it helps us learn. Whether you need guidance or we need to make some tweaks, we'll find a solution quickly.


Our down-to-earth approach spans across to our fees and terms, too. You won't find any nasty surprises along the way. Just innovative, supportive, transparent IP management solutions.

Our team

Meet our curious problem solvers

Sidney McDermott

Migration Engineer

Ellie Ball

IP Services Administrator

Khizar Akbar

Product Support Technician

Liz Irwin

People Administrator

Millie Swaby-Pritchard

Product Configuration Engineer

Francesco Ciccotti

Technical Writer

Ethan Harding

Marketing Specialist

Trad Louw

Product Configuration Engineer

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