System management services

We can configure your Equinox system and format your portfolio data

Equinox system management services

We'll keep your system in line with IP law updates, configure pre-set tasks and templates for you, clean up your portfolio data and more!


The easy way to keep your processes and data accurate and up to date

Peace of mind
Equinox team working on a project
Equinox subscribers save time
Have peace of mind
There's no need to worry about missing a deadline or law update because we make sure your system is always in line with the latest process changes.
Feel confident
We have dedicated teams who specialise in data management, IP law and software configuration, so you're always in safe hands.
Deliver great service to your clients
You'll have more time to give to your clients, meaning you can build positive relationships with them and deliver the highest quality work.

What system management services do we offer?

System scans
Official fee management
Data cleaning
Smart templates
Pre-set tasks
Equinox system scan service

System scans

We scan official offices for you

We continually track official offices for intellectual property legislation changes in our monitored jurisdictions.

We check you're happy with the updates

When we find an update that affects you, you'll receive a notification. We'll explain what needs changing in your Equinox system and ask you to approve the change.

We update your system

Once you've clicked "approve", we'll make the change in your Equinox system for you. And that's it! A hassle-free way to keep your system up to date.

Equinox IP Portal: Official fees

Official fee management

We monitor official fees for you

Keeping on top of official fees just got easier. We track changes to official fees across our monitored jurisdictions.

We import official fees into your charge sheet

When you sign up to this service, we'll bulk-add the relevant list of official fees into your charge sheet. You don't need to manually enter them into your system! 

We maintain your charge sheet

We'll continually scan for official fee changes in the background and notify you when your system needs updating. On approval, we'll add them to your charge sheet on the appropriate date.

Equinox data cleaning service

Data cleaning

Portfolio takeovers

When you win a new portfolio, we ensure your new data is formatted consistently before it's imported into your Equinox system.


Before migrating your data across to your Equinox system, our team clean up the formatting ready for import. 

To learn more about our onboarding services, click here.

Address book clean up

In your old system, you may have accidently added duplicate contacts to your address book, which can cause confusion. We can go through and clean this up for you before importing it into Equinox IPMS!

Equinox correspondence templates

Smart templates

You may already have document templates for things like report filing and reminder emails. We can take these, convert them into the right format and add them into your system for you.

Once in our smart format, one template can be used for multiple purposes, such as emails, attachments or documents. The templates automatically pull information from your Equinox system via merge codes — meaning seamless client communications!

Equinox system management services

Pre-set tasks

Using our IP Portal, you can access our full list of pre-set tasks and import them straight into your system, plus automatically ensure they're up to date. This means you'll always be following the right process, and you'll never miss a deadline. 

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