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Equinox IP Portal: all IP law updates in one place
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Save yourself time by letting us track law updates for you, meaning you can focus your attention on your clients. We scan for changes relating to procedure or process at the official intellectual property offices in our monitored jurisdictions.
All your IP law updates in one place
You no longer have to check multiple sources to stay on top of intellectual property law changes — just sign in to your IP Portal where all the latest official office information from our monitored jurisdictions is ready for you.
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It's really easy to find specific information on intellectual property law. Simply use the IP Portal's intuitive 'filter and search' system, and opt-in to receive email notifications on patent, trademark and design law.

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Renewal laws
Official fees
Equinox IP Portal: IP law notifications


In your IP Portal, you can opt in to receive news and updates on patent, trademark and design law — straight to your inbox!

Equinox IP Portal: renewal laws

Renewal laws

You can quickly and easily search through our full list of intellectual property renewal laws in the IP Portal using handy filters — finding all the information you need in seconds!

Equinox IP Portal: Official fees

Official fees

We know that official fee lists can be long and a little daunting, but, with the help of our IP Portal, you can easily filter through them in no time. 

Want us to add them to your charge sheet for you? Sign up to our Official Fee Management service. You can find out how this works here:

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