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We meticulously manage your IP portfolio data for you

Equinox Data Services team meticulously manages your IP portfolio data
IP portfolio data management

Our skilled team of data engineers deliver complete solutions for data migration and cleansing


Improve the quality of your IP portfolio data

Equinox's dedicated Data Services team
Equinox Data Services team handle all formats of data
Equinox Data Service team enjoy working with IP professionals
Dedicated team of data engineers
The Data Services team know your Equinox system inside out. This means they have a thorough understanding of the various ways you'll use your data.
Experienced with all formats of data
Whether you work on paper, in word docs, spreadsheets or highly complex databases — the Data Services team will know exactly what to do. They're experienced in handling a wide variety of data formats.
Client focussed approach
Our data engineers don't just like data, they enjoy working with people too. They're great at listening to IP professionals, delivering what you need efficiently, without any hassle.

Discover what our Data Services team can do for you

Data Migration
Data Cleansing
Equinox data migration service

Data Migration


Our team securely and accurately imports your data from any source, directly into your Equinox system.

Onboarding migration

When you initially subscribe to Equinox, we transfer your IP portfolio data over from your existing documents, emails, spreadsheets, databases or previous software provider.

Portfolio takeovers

When you win a new IP portfolio, we import your new data into your Equinox system for you.

Equinox data cleansing service

Data Cleansing


We clean up your data, correcting errors and inaccuracies to ensure consistent formatting of any manually entered fields. 


Before migrating your data across to your Equinox system, our team clean up the formatting ready for import.

Portfolio takeovers

We ensure your new portfolio data is formatted consistently before it's imported into your Equinox system.

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We'll work with you to define the problem you're facing more specifically, then deliver effective data management solutions.


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Once we've completed the work, we remain on hand in case you need any more support. If something changes for you, like winning a new portfolio, you can simply get in touch to discuss your new requirements.

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