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How Hicks IP has drastically boosted its efficiency

By Equinox

Hicks IP case study

Based in Alberta, Canada, the firms of Hicks Intellectual Property Law and Hicks & Associates Intellectual Property provide a full range of intellectual property services for Canadian clients as well as foreign associates.
In this case study, we hear from Andrew Hicks, Senior Patent Agent with Hicks IP. He explores the services and features offered by Equinox and demonstrates how they help his firm provide amazing services to its clients.

Equinox case study: Get paid accurately

“Equinox has been a huge boost to the efficiencies of our firm’s workflows. Equinox provides a robust and complete practice management system for our assistants, professionals and accounting personnel in all aspects of our IP practice. All firm personnel have a complete snapshot of theirs and their team’s responsibilities or practice.

“The precedent system we have customized within Equinox allows tasks to be completed very efficiently. The easy and practically seamless integration with email and our back-end accounting system are excellent”

Close-knit teams often provide highly personalised services to their clients, but with different professions operating side by side, it can be difficult to keep the whole team organised.

Managing patents, trademarks and other properties within the same team means different colleagues require a variety of specialist software services. In Equinox you can handle both in equal measure. So, if you split your time managing different types of property or have devoted team members, our software caters to everyone’s needs.

Equinox IPMS isn’t just for legal professionals. Your administrative and accounting staff can track their tasks within the system and work cohesively alongside your attorneys and paralegals.

Like with Hicks IP, providing an overview of tasks to the whole team boosts efficiency and ensures everyone has the best opportunity to meet their deadlines.

Equinox case study: Data migration

“Email integration is great. All emails can be saved to matters almost seamlessly with enough flexibility to ensure that email clutter can be avoided”

Equinox subscribers come from all over the world. Hicks IP, based in Canada, are joined by organisations from Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and beyond, but with both domestic and international clients they all share a need for strong, around-the-clock communications.

Our integration with Outlook and Gmail not only makes it easy to send correspondence, but built-in automated email filing ensures confidence that every message is read and responded to promptly.

Equinox case study: Client access

“Support has generally been excellent- professional and timely. It doesn’t matter who in the firm is asking the question, the Equinox support staff are patient and helpful”

With Equinox set up to assist your whole team, we’re contacted by lots of different professionals. Everyone from managing partners, attorneys, paralegals, and accounts personnel come to us with questions, and whether they have been using Equinox for five years or five minutes, we’re happy to help them out.

We know that some of your team members have more technical IP knowledge than others, so we adjust our approach to everyone to ensure they get everything they need when they get in touch.

Although Hicks IP is based in Canada, they can rely on our UK-based Client Services team to get them answers, with 24/7 emergency support there to back them up when needed.

Equinox case study: Hicks IP

Your firm can boost efficiency with Equinox IPMS

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