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Let's get you set up on your shiny new Equinox system

Switching to Equinox IPMS
Equinox onboarding services

We'll set your system up, migrate your data across and give you training so you're ready to begin using Equinox IPMS


Seamlessly transition to your new Equinox IPMS system

Switching to Equinox IPMS
Equinox efficient scheduling and processes
Equinox team working with subscriber
Easy to switch from any system
Whether you're switching from another IPMS, a spreadsheet system, or even a paper-based system, we know what's required to move you across to Equinox IPMS.
Efficient process
You'll be ready to get started on your system by the agreed go-live date. We know what work is involved to get you there, and track progress to keep everything on time.
An approach that's right for you
We get to know you, learning how you work and what your preferences are. Then, we provide you with an onboarding schedule that reflects your unique requirements.

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System configuration
Data migration
Ongoing support
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System configuration

Assess & advise

We'll work with you to learn how you want your system setting up, and advise on how we can configure it to optimise your admin processes.


Then, we'll carry out the agreed configuration work. This could include case reference formatting, pre-set task configuration, charge sheet setup, template creation and more.

Equinox data migration

Data migration


First of all, we will assess the format of your portfolio data and create your migration plan.

Clean & test

Before migrating your data across to your system, we'll clean up the formatting and test it ready for import.

Migrate your data

Once we've completed all the prep work, we'll migrate your data across to Equinox IPMS ready for your agreed go-live date.

Equinox team supporting subscriber


Initial sessions

We deliver training that's tailored to the way you'll use Equinox IPMS. So that you feel confident using the system before you go live, we'll host the sessions at a time that makes the most sense to you. If you need refreshers or have more complex training requirements, just let us know.

Ongoing resources

Before and after you go live, you'll have access to our Help Centre. Here you'll find detailed feature guides and training videos to explore at your own pace.

Equinox team on a call

Ongoing support

Once you've gone live, we'll help you settle in to your new system. You can ask us questions and book in more training if you need. Then, we'll introduce you to our support team who will be your go-to for queries and help throughout your subscription. 

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